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Quality Products

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Links to pet and animal related products that are not garbage. I have marked the ones I have either purchased, been sent demos, or seen demonstrated at trade shows.

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Amazon Searches That Work

0_A Bearded Dragon in a Steampunk terrarium in an oi_esrgan-v1-x2plus.png

Reptile Habitats

These habitats won't suck. There is so much garbage out there and so I created a search that includes everything I am looking for.

224173_A Bearded Dragon eating dinner in a Steampunk rest_xl-1024-v1-0.png

Reptile Munchies

Because all reptiles are picky bastards, I can't guarantee that they will eat this stuff but I can guarantee that you will eventually find something the little assholes will like.

884252_A Bearded Dragon dressed as a bunny costume in an _xl-1024-v1-0.png

Reptile Outfits

Are you one of those people who dress your pets up in silly outfits much to a dismay of your friends and family? I'm not but you do you! Ok, I did put wings on Fernando, and a little hat, and a bowtie. Fuck you.

Individual Products That Don't Suck

More to come...

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