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At Beardy Mercantile, we are passionate about pets and the role they play in our lives. We started our journey by selling pet-related artwork, but soon realized that we wanted to offer more to our customers. That's how the idea of Beardy Mercantile was born. Our brand is all about providing fun and silly pet-related products that cater to animal lovers, pet owners, and anyone with a love for humor. Yes, we love Beardies. Products range from apparel, jewelry, accessories, home goods, and pretty much anything that makes us giggle or gush. Our aim is to make pet ownership more enjoyable and fun for everyone.



At Beardy Mercantile, we take pride in our unique and silly designs that are created by me and my daughter with Fernando on the laptop for inspiration. We are passionate about pets and their welfare. We understand the importance of pet clothing and accessories that are both practical and stylish.


We believe in ethical and sustainable practices, and that's why we use high-quality materials.

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